What’s In Stock

Seafood availability and prices can change often, so please give a call at (504) 914-4509 if you’d like to double check on something! You can also follow us on twitter to stay up-to-date on what’s in stock or on sale.

The following are sold as available:

    • seafood

    • XL Shrimp

      XL Shrimp

    • Flounder


    • Speckled Trout

      Speckled Trout

    • Red Fish

      Red Fish

    • Sheephead


    • Black Drum

      Black Drum

    • Yellowtail


    • Tilapia


    • Bull Croaker

      Bull Croaker

    • Boiled Crawfish

      Boiled Crawfish

In addition to fresh seafood, we also offer other condiments and items to help you cook. The shop is always expanding, and we hope to also offer other local meats soon too such as alligator and turtle. Stay tuned!